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“We went to areas where no other tours are going." —TripAdvisor Review of Rainbow Photo Tours

Photographers Welcome Too!

Mimi's Story of Bhutan
Photo taken by Robin with his iPhone.

We accept all skill levels of photographers, from those who have a "point-and-shoot" or iPhone to those who are advanced pro/amateurs with all the latest digital SLR gear. Our goal is to put you in front of remarkable scenes and cultural experiences—this is not a workshop with evening photography meetings or critiques. Travelers who are not keenly interested in

Bhutanese masked dancer
We are the experts in Bhutan cross-country cultural and photo tours.
photography will have plenty to do, always with guides and drivers at your disposal. Click to read an overview of the fantastic itinerary we have to offer for our upcoming tours.

Custom Itineraries/ Private Tours

We also specialize in private tours with custom itineraries to Bhutan throughout the year. We make all the arrangements for singles, couples or small groups, including visas, Druk Air ticketing, and exciting itineraries that go to unusual places within Bhutan. We can make your dream tour a reality. emailRobin Email Robin.

Rainbow RuleBackground photo:
Bhutan photo by 2013 Tour Participant Jeff Henry on the way to Tiger's Nest. Read Itinerary for Fall Tour to Tiger's Nest.

Tiger's Nest by Jeff Henry
Rainbow Rule

Bhutan Fall Tour

Bhutan Cross Country Cultural and Festivals Tours

15 Days In-country
Limited to 16

All Tours - Travel completely across the country with special permission to exit into Assam. Two exclusive cultural events that no other tourists attend. Meet the nomadic people of Sakten and Merak. Limited to 16 participants.  Read Tour Overview or contact us for your personal itinerary.  (We generally are filled by the end of the previous year.)

“This is not your "normal" group trip." —TripAdvisor Review of Rainbow Photo Tours

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