Travel in cars, not a bus.  15 days in country, all the way across Bhutan.

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Bhutan Prayer Flags with our SUV
After you make a reservation, we will send you further information on practicalities, such as clothing, expected weather, medications, immunizations, and other important considerations. In the meantime, we recommend that you continue to research travel to Bhutan. Here are a few of our favorite resources.

At libraries, book stores, and

Timeless Books, Bhutan, by Francoise Pommaret, 2003. Your best bet!  (We met Francoise in a hotel in Jakar as she guided a tour from France. A great book--very detailed and accurate descriptions.)

Lonely Planet, Bhutan, updated 2007, 3rd Edition (I'm not fond of this one and even though it is published later than the Timeless Books guide mentioned above, I don't feel the updates are accurate or well researched.  But you should have both books.)

On the Web

Buddhist Temple flowers
  • There are over 25 "excellent" reviews of our tours on TripAdvisor.Trip Advisor
  • Bangkok Airport
  • Daily news, from the national newspaper, Kuensel.
  • US Library of Congress Country Study
    US Library of Congress “Country Study” written Sept. 1991. A huge bank of information from government surveys of Bhutan over the years, with an easy-to-use outline of links, ancient history to entering the outside world, 1972-1986. Loads of cultural and political info, too.

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“Two exceptional festivals with only our group and the local villagers in the audience. The opportunity to interact with the monks and villagers cannot be overstated - we hosted meals for entire villages, taught kids (and our guides!)to play with Frisbees, and gave visually impaired students a chance to learn about photography and receive their own cameras.." —TripAdvisor Review of Rainbow Photo Tours

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“We felt accepted as if we were distant relatives.”—TripAdvisor Reviews of Rainbow Photo Tours

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